Ram 1500 vs GMC Sierra 1500
Ram 1500 vs. GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra 1500 VS RAM 1500: Comparison & Recommendations

When it comes to selecting a big, beefy, heavy-duty work truck for 2020- you could do much worse than to choose either the GMC Sierra 1500 or the Ram 1500. Both are big, powerful, tough-looking- and will get the job done on time. But the two leading work trucks for the current year are not exactly carbon copies of one another. There are at least a few subtle differences that it would behoove you to look into before investing in either one of these modern workhorses.

For starters, the Ram 1500 will cost a little more than the GMC. The reasons for this might become more apparent as we go on, but you'll want to keep this in mind when you're considering whether to lean more toward economy or extras.

Basic Specs

The Sierra 1500 gets 15 to 20 MPG in the city and 20 to 24 MPG on the highway. The Ram 1500 does a little bit better with 19 to 20 MPG in city driving and 24 to 26 MPG on the highway. The Sierra comes with an inline-four-cylinder engine, a V6, or a V8- while the Ram the venerable Ram V6. The Sierra seats three to six people, and the Ram seats 5 to 6- depending on trim and options. Both come with the same basic warranty, which covers the vehicle for three years or for 36,000 miles. The Ram 1500 did slightly better on safety ratings, but both have good scores for overall safety.


The Ram 1500 offers a bit more legroom and headroom for passengers compared to the Sierra 1500. But the Sierra 1500 gives more legroom to the driver.


While the Ram 1500 offers more seating with the right options, both come out about the same in terms of passenger capacity. The Sierra offers a better cargo room and equal towing capacity. It is better suited to staying on the roads of Texas, within city limits.


With its greater fuel economy and larger tank size, drivers of the Ram 1500 can expect to make fewer stops than they would in the Sierra 1500 over long distances.

External Dimensions

The Sierra 1500 is noticeably narrower than the Ram 1500. This will make getting around town and negotiating with tight parking lots more manageable, but it causes it to suffer in hauling and towing applications. This fact seems to suggest, along with the lower fuel capacity and MPG, that the Sierra 1500 is intended more of a family vehicle. In contrast, the Ram 1500 is better suited to long hauls and handles family-oriented tasks just as well.


In keeping with its around-town demeanor, the Sierra 1500 has a smaller turning radius, which is typical of second-class haulers.


With its superior torque, the Ram 1500 transmits power from the engine to the wheels more efficiently.


When it comes to pulling heavy loads and towing in Texas, the Sierra 1500 falls behind the curve on this comparison despite its efficient drivetrain, while the Ram 1500 delivers a little more horsepower.

The Ram 1500 appears to be the total package. It is excellent on the job sight, and suitable for managing long trips with heavy cargo. Its cabin is more friendly to more massive crowds with its slightly greater seating cap and superior passenger room. The Sierra 1500, as noted, is not as well suited to the worksite and is better adapted to running errands around town. Despite this, it offers more elbow room to the driver than it does to passengers.

The Sierra 1500 would be a good choice for an executive working on a budget who wants to run errands in and around town, though it would still be a good budget choice for small families- especially those with smaller children. The Ram 1500 is more oriented towards larger numbers of passengers and checks all the boxes easily as a work-utility truck. In short, the Ram 1500 is very at home on the construction site- and in more domestic tasks, whereas the Sierra 1500 is limited to the latter.


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